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It’s true that I don’t hold any rights of Sailor Moon, but I did spend hours on writing all the articles and editing the screencaps, so I deserve some credit for that…
You are free to take and use any of my caps for any use you desire, but you must link back to Star-Dusting (You can find banners and linking information here). However, if you’re planning to use them for your layout, you must contact me first and ask for permission.

You are not allowed to:

  1. Display any of my material on your website without giving me any credit or linking back to Star-Dusting.
  2. Direct-link to anything. If you want to link something here, whether it’s a cap or a banner, save them on your server first.
  3. Claim any of my material as your own, that would be stealing.
  4. Sell any of my material or charge money for viewing it.

2 thoughts on “Usage Policy

  1. Hi, quick question regarding the usage policy: How would your prefer to be credited if we were to use screencaps for, say, making trading cards? Not to be distributed for profit or anything like that. I don’t exactly make the cards, so the only thing I could do was to put a note in the file that this site was responsible for the images, and if you prefer that I don’t at all, I would be more than happy to get rid of all the images I’ve collected so far. ^^

    1. Hi Naoya, well, since I have no rights what so ever on SM, I cannot tell you how to use its material. However, since I did put my time and effort working on the caps, a link back would be most appreciated, thank you so much. Please let me know how it turns out ^^

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