The New Sailor Moon Crystal is here!



Hi guys!

So, did you get to watch the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal today as well?

I sure did. Gathered around all my friends for emotional support (that I knew I’d need to watch this), sat around in front of the TV screen and watched as Sailor Moon comes alive again after 25 years in slumber.

And I actually wasn’t disappointed at all. I think this remake is going to tell the story much more closely to the manga, and as the storyteller, Takeuchi sensei, has meant to tell it. We actually sat with volume 1 of the manga in our hands and saw how the episode represent the first chapter almost frame by frame (so if every episode is one chapter of the manga, I presume it means there’s going to be 52 episodes, right…?)

Not to mention the art and character design are very very good and colourful, and as Hulu automatically played the first episode of the original series afterwards,  I regret to say, they look much better than the original (please don’t hate me).

I’m comparing it of course to the first episode of the first season. The Sailor Moon art and character design has evolved throughout the series until it had reached perfection (in my eyes) in the later two seasons (and some episodes of the third, directed by the genius Ikuko Ito), so the comparison isn’t very fair…

I did find the remake missing alot from the original, for example the terrible Jpop opening and ending song (cus’ nothing can replace Moonlight Denesetsu), the transformation sequence, and the “funniness” of the original, but overall, I did enjoy watching it, and I think it will be even better.

And I hope you enjoyed it too. ^^

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