Thanks & Credits

I believe that credits should be given when credit is due, so here are few people and websites that were a great help in creating Star-Dusting:

  • My boyfriend Ilan who mentally supported me through out the process, helped me with handling the WordPress system and made everything I wanted possible.
  • Takeuchi Naoko who has created this wonderful manga.
  • Elly Winters from smffg who’s been a tremendous inspiration source.
  • My affiliates who keep supporting me.
  • Ian Andreas Miller from Dies Gaudii, who’s articles have inspired me to write my own.
  • Sailor Moon Center that is the source for the encoded episodes.
  • Anime Avatar (currently offline) that was another source for the encoded episodes.
  • Moon Prism Power that is the source for the header-pic.
  • Blue Host that is hosting this website.

My sources of information:

2 thoughts on “Thanks & Credits

  1. I love your website. it is awesome and you are very talented to have such great pics. Do you have space sword blaster? or submarine reflection? im just asking because i would love to see the pics of those attacks. thanks

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