Sailor Moon S Movie Caps

Hello everybody!
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? (more like 8 months to be exact… ^^;;)
And where was I, you wonder? Well, here and there, but mostly, VISITING JAPAN!!
Yup, I went off to the land of the rising sun with my bf and we had such a great time.
On my next post, I’ll add some of the photos I took, and since this website is dedicated to Sailor Moon, they will be mostly Sailor Moon related. But for now, here are the anticipated caps for the 2nd Sailor Moon movie, Hearts on Ice!
Once again, the credit for the videos goes to my wonderful affiliate, Sailor Moon Center. Thank you for all your help guys! And thank you all for keeping in touch, sorry if my response was a bit slow… I wasn’t really home that much. ^^;;
BTW, did you notice today’s date? How cool is that!

New Galleries:

Updated Galleries:

Enjoy! ^^

4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S Movie Caps

  1. Welcome back! -^__^-

    I was wondering where you were. XD
    I look forward to the photos. *__*

    The new galleries are great, especially the SMS Movie Caps. Good job! <3

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