My Long Awaited Return to Post!

Yes guys, after almost a year with no updates I’m finally able to return working on the website and add new stuff. Yey!

The reson for my prolonged absence was school, that just took so much of my time to do anything, but now I finally finished my degree (Yeah!! I’m a BOA now!! ^^ ) and can actually start living again. So, I must apologies for all of you who emailed me and commented and didn’t get any answer… Now you know I wasn’t simply ignoring you… ^^;; I also added some of your requests, so check out the requested caps page.

And for other news, last month Star-Dusting has turned 12!!

(see? I didn’t even had time to celebrate that)

Wow. 12 years! I really can’t believe it has been up for so long… I would really like to thank you everybody, for visiting and commenting, and making me feel I’m contributing to the Sailor Moon community!

So, without further adu, let’s see what I got for you today.

New pages:

New galleries:

Updated Galleries:


5 thoughts on “My Long Awaited Return to Post!

  1. Welcome back! -^____^- I’ve missed you. T__T
    Congratulation for finishing your degree!
    You are a “BOA” now? What is that? XD

    Wow, Star Dusting is now 12 yeras old. That’s great! Happy Birthday! <3

    1. Thank you so much! ^^
      Yeah, no one knows: “B.O.A” is “Bachelor of Arts”, means you have a first degree… ^^;;
      But I really love the singer too ^^

  2. Wow, congratulations on your site’s anniversary! That’s a huge achievement!!

    (also, quick heads up, the SMFFG is defunct, you should remove the link to it)

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