Incarnations & Past Layouts

ver2portalAt first, there was a gallery which I named “The Silver Moon Image Gallery”, which aired on 9/9/99 (the date the intentionally picked ^^;;) and was hosted on Yahoo-Geocities. I built it when I was in junior high, and had no idea what so ever with building and designing a website, so naturally it looked awful and the pages themselves where a mass. Lver2uckily, I do not have any screenshot of it, so I don’t have to look back in embarrassment ^^.

When I learned how to do frames and developed some designing sense, I’ve updated its ver3portallayout once, in the year 2002. The main colors were black and yellow and it didn’t take me long to see how hideous it was.

So just few months later that same year, I gave it a new and way better look and was so very proud of myself. I didn’t like the new sidebar ads that Geocitiver3es had put, so this version was hosted on Tripod, and its shortened address was “”.

But after a while, I couldn’t find any new or special pictures to add to my gallery, and I sort of neglected it. Tripod had put some ads of its own and totally ruined my design and frame structure, and this has got me down as well. Few years later, I’ve decided to turn it into a screencaps gallery, so I gave it its new name, “Star-Dusting”, and a brand new pinky look. This baby aired on April 2004, and was my pride of joy ever since.sdlayout1

But then, new problems rose. It was hosted on a free web server called that someday decided to delete all my content without any warning >_<. I moved everything to another free web server called that had pop-up ads, and not the kind of ads that kills your website. But at some point, it too moved to built-in ads instead of the pop-ups and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I realized that the only way to solve this problem was to get my own webspace, and so I did.

It took me sometime, but on October 2007, I moved everything to this current domain. I’ve  changed its look again, and got tons of compliments ^^. But sometime afterwards I thought that screencaps as an entire contant of a website is not enough, and wanted to add more stuff. After I discovered my life would be so much easier with php, I’ve turned to WordPress, and made the Haruka and Michiru pink & green layout. It was launched on May 29th, 2009.wordpress-sd

Years and trends have passed and I’ve decided it’s time for a new layout, and time to fix all those things and add all those things that I wanted, but was limited by the layout. And so, this current layout was launched on September 2014, based on WordPress’ really cool theme Twenty Thirteen.

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