• Can I take the screenshots and put them for my personal use/publish them on my website?
    Sure you can! They were made for that purpose. Be sure to follow my policy, and don’t forget to credit me and link back to Star-Dusting if you’re planning to display the caps on your web site.
  • I really like your art, can I display it on my website?
    Thank you for liking it! You may put them on your website as long as you credit me for them and link back to Star-Dusting. Thanks again for liking it ^^.
  • May I use/copy your layout?
    No, you may not! I put a lot of time and effort designing and building my website, so make some effort to design your own layout or use sites that offer you free layouts, but don’t steal mine.
  • Is it okay to link you?
    Of course it is!! In fact, I’ll be delighted if you will! Star-Dusting is a link-free site, which means you don’t even have to ask… Here you can find banners and linking information, and thank you for linking me! ^^

If there’s anything else you’d like to ask, please feel free to contact me.

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