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Sailor Moon S Movie Caps

Hello everybody!
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? (more like 8 months to be exact… ^^;;)
And where was I, you wonder? Well, here and there, but mostly, VISITING JAPAN!!
Yup, I went off to the land of the rising sun with my bf and we had such a great time.
On my next post, I’ll add some of the photos I took, and since this website is dedicated to Sailor Moon, they will be mostly Sailor Moon related. But for now, here are the anticipated caps for the 2nd Sailor Moon movie, Hearts on Ice!
Once again, the credit for the videos goes to my wonderful affiliate, Sailor Moon Center. Thank you for all your help guys! And thank you all for keeping in touch, sorry if my response was a bit slow… I wasn’t really home that much. ^^;;
BTW, did you notice today’s date? How cool is that!

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Enjoy! ^^

Outer Senshi’s Transformation Sequences!

Yesss… I’m back!

And although my tests and papers are killing me and doing a very good job at it, I managed to slip in the outers’ transformation sequences! Plus, a surprise – Sailor Saturn’s transformation sequence! Oh yeah!! Saturn’s transformation was never seen in the anime, but in a Sailor Moon game made for the SEGA Saturn console (huh, what a coincidence ^^). This is why I must give credit to for the video clip. These caps are not in the best quality due to the quality of the video, but I tried my best to improve them. So, if any of you have a better quality clip of her transformation sequence (not a fan made one…), please contact me. It’s for the good of the nation ppl! ^^ Credit for the other clips goes to my lovely affiliate Sailor Moon Center. Thank you very much!

New galleries:

More will be coming as soon as I have the time. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I just love the holidays’ season, don’t you? There’s a magical feeling in the air that you just can’t ignore… To complete your Sailor Moon holidays experience, tune in to one of the Christmas special CD’s at (too bad there isn’t a Hannuka ones…). This update is also very special, since it includes the galleires of the ending of the S season, my favorite episodes (so far…).

I would also like to welcome Star-Dusting’s newest affiliate: Sailor Moon Center! This wonderful website provides beautifully subbed and dubbed SM episodes, and was one of my very first sources for watching SM in Japanese years back, when I was watching them in Turkish and German and could not understand a word… ^^;;. Today, I have the honor of translating SM materials myself as one of their staff members. Talking about completing a circle…

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Busy Busy Busy!

That’s the excuse I have for you today for not updating much lately ^^;;. Let’s not forget I do this for fun, and sometimes I find it hard to squeeze an update between school and my two jobs, so don’t you dare get mad at me! I can assure you though, that I’m doing everything that I can in the limited time I’ve got to update this website and will keep doing so! ^^.

Now that I got this off my chest, I’d like you all to meet my newest affiliate Miss Dream. It’s a wonderful new website dedicated to translating everything Sailor Moon from Japanese to English; songs, musicals, doujinshi etc. ( lately they’ve uploaded the Mugen Gakuen musical that I was waiting to see for so long…) so be sure to check it out.

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Transformation Sequences

Hi everyone!

I have bunch of stuff for you today, but first I’d like to introduce my newest affiliate, Jennifer! She runs two of the best Sailor Moon websites, Chibiland and Moonsticks that you probably know already, but if not – you MUST visit if you consider yourself a true moonie.

Another highlight of this update are transformation sequence galleries that you guys have been asking for! It’s just the first five transformation sequences for now (the inners senshi’s tranformations from the first season), but I promise to add more along the way. So:

New galleries:

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