Makaiju Aliens & Cardians


Written: 魔界樹
Pronounced: Makaiju
Makai means ‘hell’ (魔 means ‘demon’ and 界 means ‘world’) and ju (樹) is another word for ‘tree’. Together, makaiju means ‘hell tree’.


Written: エイル
Pronounced: Eiru
In English, Ail is called Ali and An is called En. Adding both together you get ‘Alien’, and I think that’s what the guys at TOEI Animation were thinking of.

Ginga Seijuurou
Written: 銀河星十郎
Pronounced: Ginga Seijūrō
Ginga means ‘galaxy’, sei (星) is ‘star/planet’, juu (十) is the number ten and rou (郎) means ‘son’, so it’s something like ‘son of the galaxy’s ten stars’.


Written: アン
Pronounced: An

Ginga Natsumi
Written: 銀河夏美
Pronounced: Ginga Natsumi
Natsumi is combined from natsu (夏) ‘summer’ and mi (美) ‘beauty’.


Written: ヴァンピル
Pronounced: Banpiru
Comes from ‘vampire’.


Written: ミノタロン
Pronounced: Minotaron
comes from ‘minotaur’, a bull-headed monster from the Greek mythology.


Written: ファライオン
Pronounced: Faraion
I think it stands for ‘Fur Lion’.

Hell Ant

Written: ヘル・アント
Pronounced: Heru Anto


Written: レーシー
Pronounced: rēshī
In the Slavic mythology, Leshy is a kind of spirit that lives in forests around the world and is dangerous to humans.


Written: ギガロス
Pronounced: Gigarosu
I think the origin of the name is ‘Gigantes’, who were a race of giants and the brothers of the Titans in the Greek mythology. The word giga is Greek for ‘giant’.


Written: アマデラス
Pronounced: Amaderasu
Since “T” is sometimes replaced with “D” in Japanese, the origin of the name is Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun and the major goddess in the Shinto religion. The first Japanese emperor is considered to be her great-grandson, thus all the Japanese emperors are her offsprings. Amaterasu’s name means ‘illuminates the heavens’.


Written: セイレーン
Pronounced: seirēn
Comes from ‘Siren’, a sea-demones from the Greek mythology with the head of a woman and the body of a bird. The Sirens sang on the island of Anthemoessa and lured sailors to their death with their irresistible song.


Written: ウトンベリノ
Pronounced: Utonberino
Turning the syllables around we get ‘noribentou’. Bentou is the name of the Japanese lunch-box, and nori is the kind of seaweed used to make most of the food inside it (icluding sushi).


Written: ビピエロ
Pronounced: Bipiero
While I’m still not sure about ‘bi’ part, pierrot means ‘clown’ in French.


Written: アーマンジュ
Pronounced: Ᾱmanju
Comes from amanojaku, a demon-like creature in the Japanese folklore.


Written: ヤーマンダッカ
Pronounced: Yāmandakka
Comes from the Buddhist deity Yamāntaka. Yamāntaka is a Sanskrit name combined from two elements: Yama, the name of the god of death, and antaka, which means ‘terminator’. Thus, Yamāntaka’s name literally means “the terminator of death”.

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