Yōma (妖魔, ようま) is one of the many words for “monster” in Japanese.


Written: モルガ
Pronounced: Moruga
Comes from the word “morgue”.


Written: バーム
Pronounced: Bāmu
Bāmu is the Japanese pronunciation of the word “palm”, and since she was sent to impersonate a fortune teller, I assume the reference is to palm-reading.


Written: フラウ
Pronounced: Furawa
Comes from the word “flower”.


Written: イグアラ
Pronounced: Iguara
Comes from “Iguana”.


Written: キュレネ
Pronounced: Kyurene
Comes from the word warukyūre, which means “Valkyrie”.


Written: デレーラ
Pronounced: Darēra
Comes from the fairy tale heroine Cinderella. The life of the girl she’s after in this episode was said to be “a Cinderella story”.


Written: ガロベン
Pronounced: Garoben
The ‘ben’ part of her name comes from the word benkyō which means “to study”, and garō means “hungry wolf”.


Written: ラムア
Pronounced: Ramua
Turning the syllables around we get arāmu, which is the pronunciation for “alarm”. In this case, since she was a clerk in a clock shop, “alarm” stands for an alarm clock.


Written: キガーン
Pronounced: Kigān
Kigan means “prayer”.


Written: ムリード
Pronounced: Murīdo
Turning the syllables backwards we get dorimu, which is the pronunciation of the word “dream”.


Written: テティス
Pronounced: Tetisu
Tethys was one of the titans in the Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, wife of Oceanus and the mother of all rivers. Her name was derived from the Greek word têthê, which means “nurse” or “grandmother.”


Written: テスニー
Pronounced: Tesunī
Switching the “su” and “ni” we get tenisu, the Japanese pronunciation for “tennis”.


Written: ペタソス
Pronounced: Petasosu
In Greek, a petasos was a large hat that was used by farmers and gardeners in ancient Greece. There’s a plant called Petasites (that comes from petasos) that has vanilla-scented white-pink flowers.


Written: ウィドウ
Pronounced: Widou
Refers to the Black Widow, the most venomous spider in America. They’re called “widows” because the females sometimes kill their mates.


Written: キャメラン
Pronounced: Kameran
Comes from the word “camera”.


Written: ジュモー
Pronounced: Jumō
The Jumeau were a French family that produced high quality bisque and china lady dolls in the 19th century.


Written: レオ
Pronounced: Reo
Leo means lion in Latin, and is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac. According to the Greek mythology, Leo represents the Nemean Lion which was slain by Heracles, that Zeus raised to the stars as a constellation in his honor.

Castor and Pollux

Written: カストル & ポルクス
Pronounced: Kasutoru & Porakusu
In the Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux were the twin sons of Leda and Zeus, and the brothers of Helen of Troy. They are the two bright stars in the Gemini (“twins” in Latin) constellation and appear relatively close together. Castor means “beaver” in Greek, and Pollux comes from the word poludeukeis that means “much sweet wine”.


Written: ヤシャ
Pronounced: Yasha
Comes from the word yakśa In Sanskrit (an ancient Hindu language), which is a broad class of nature-spirits or minor deities who appear in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. In Japan they are known as yasha and referred to as some sort of demons.


Written: グレープ
Pronounced: Gurēpu


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