The Dark Kingdom

Queen Metalia

Written: クイン・メタリア
Pronounced: Kuīn Metaria
Since the Japanese “R” could be sometimes read as “L”, it’s not certain what is the correct translation to her name. If Takeuchi-sensei meant her name to be read as “Metalia”, it’s source could be the word “metal”. The source for “Metaria” could be the word “matter”. I write her name with “L” just because I like the sound of it better. ^^

Queen Beryl

Written: クイン・ベリル
Pronounced: Kuīn Beriru
Named after the mineral beryl. The name of the mineral itself comes from the Greek word beryllos, which referred to a precious blue-green gemstone.


Written: ジェダイト
Pronounced: Jedaito
Named after the mineral jadeite (also known as jade).


Written: ネフライト
Pronounced: Nefuraito
Named after the mineral nephrite. The name nephrite is taken from lapis nephriticus in Latin, which means ‘kidney stone’ (it was believed that this gemstone is good for the kidneys).


Written: ゾイサイト
Pronounced: Zoisaito
Named after the mineral zoisite. The mineral is named after the Slovene scientist Baron Sigmund Zois von Edelstein (Žiga Zois), who had discovered it.


Written: クンツァイト
Pronounced: Kunsaito
Named after the mineral kunzite (also known as malachite). The mineral is named after the gemologist George F. Kunz who identified it.

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