Black Moon Clan

Takeuchi sensei had a vast knowledge in chemistry and mineralogy, and many of the characters were named after a gem or a mineral element.

Death Phantom / Wiseman

Written: デス・ファントム / ワイズマン
Pronounced: waizuman
In Shamanism, a wise-man is an elderly member of the tribe, who acted as a healer and naturopatic doctor in the community. It was believed that they used magic and had healing powers.

Black Lady

Written: ブラック・レディ
Pronounced: Burakk Redi

Prince Demando

Written: プリンス・デマンド
Pronounced: Purinsu Demando
Commenly known to be named after the diamond, however, because of the way it’s written and pronounced, Prince Demando is actually named after the gem Demantoid.


Written: サフィール
Pronounced: Safīru
Saphir is the French word for Sapphire.


Written: エスメロード
Pronounced: Esumerōdo
Esmeraude is the French word for Emerald.


Written: ルベウス
Pronounced: Rubeusu
Rubeus is the Latin word for the color red, and since all of the Black Moon Clan are named after minerals, Rubeus is probably named after the gem Ruby.


Written: ペッツ
Pronounced: Pettsu
Pettsu is the Japanese word for the mineral Petzite, named after the chemist W. Petz who first analysed it.


Written: カラベラス
Pronounced: Karaberasu
Named after the mineral Calaverite, which was named after Calaveras County in California, where this mineral was discovered. Calaveras is the Spanish word for “skulls”.


Written: ベルチェ
Pronounced: Beruche
Beruche is the Japanese word for the mineral Berthierite, named after the French chemist Pierre Berthier who first analysed it.


Written: コーアン
Pronounced: Kōan
Kōan is the Japanese word for the mineral Kermesite. Because of it’s reddish color, it was named after the red dye Kermes (in which the word crimson originates from).

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