It seems that Takeuchi-sensei and the guys at Toei Animation had put a lot of thought to the names they gave to the Sailor Moon characters. Almost every character has a meaning to its name, that describes it best and gives it its unique characteristics.

In this section, I’ll try to point out the meanings behind the characters’ names as best as I can, based on my knowledge in Japanese and East-Asia. I know that there are few who already did that, but I have no intention to copy from them (really, where’s the fun in that?), but make my own research. Besides, the name interpretations written by others may sometimes be wrong, so I’d like to get my own realizations. Who knows, I might even add to what you already know, or give a you new point of view. ^^
In any case, I was really excited to start this lil’ project, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well.

Disclaimer: Since I am not connected in any way to Takeuchi-sensei or Toei Animation, nothing of what I wrote here is official (except from the names in kanji and katakana) and should be taken for granted.


Theoi Greek Mythology
Star Tales
Canaanese Mythology by Noga and Guy Darshan

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