At least one thing Usagi and I have in common – we both love food!

But how many times have they mentioned some Japanese food you’ve never heard of, but sounds really good you wish you knew what it was? Well, don’t fret, because on this page I will cover and explain some of the food that is shown on Sailor Moon, that will really get you drooling!

(I do edvise, however, not to read this page on an empty stomach… ^^ )


Curry RiceThe Japanese curry tastes very different then Indian curry, but it’s a very popular dish in Japan. It’s usually served with plain white rice. You might remember Chibiusa going out to buy ingredients to make curry along with Usagi and Mamoru on episode 66 of R season. I tried to restore the Japanese curry flavor at home, but was very unsuccessful ^^;;.



ManjuYeah, Usagi just loves those. Manju is a bun made of flour, rice and sometimes wheat, and stuffed with red bean paste (which is actually sweet). Manju can come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.



O-cha (green tea)

Green teaSure, it’s not really food, but worth mentioning anyways. Green tea has a very long history in the Japanese culture. Making tea to someone in Japan is considered a gesture of honor, both to the one that makes the tea and to the one who drinks it, and the longer the tea making process takes, the more honor they bestow upon each other. There’s actually a proper way to serve it, and rules that must be followed, like the proper way to hold the bamboo brush and mix the tea leaves. You can see an example of such a tea ceremony on episode 104 (the S season) when Usagi, Chibiusa and Mamoru go with Haruka and Michiru to participate in one.

The green tea has a very unique flavor, it’s bitter (and it’s a big no no to add sugar), it can be drunk hot or cold and you can find almost anything in Japan in a green tea flavor, such as noodles and even ice cream.


OdangoYou might recall Mamoru calling Usagi “odango-atama” (odango-head). So what is this “odango” anyway? It’s a sticky rice pad in the shape and size of a ping pong ball, and it’s usually sweet. It often comes in portion of three or four balls on a stick. The color of a regular odango is white (usually comes covered with sweet syrup), but sometimes it could also be colored.



OnigiriOnigiri is simply a ball of rice, usually in a triangle form, with some seaweed covering the bottom part (where you can grab and eat it). It can be made with all kinds of flavored rice, that sometimes give it various colors, and sometimes you can find an umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum) on its back. The onigiri is very popular, and can be found in almost every bento box.



Soba noodlesSoba noodles are thin, and made from wheat flour, along with other various ingredients which give them various flavors. They are usually served plain, with sauce served on the side. The way to eat them is to grab a few, dip them in the sauce and put them in your mouth.

The first time I saw soba noodles in Sailor Moon, it was on a SuperS episode where the Amazon Trio seat on the beach and eat it on a hot summer day, and I thought to myself how can they possibly eat hot noodles on a hot summer day at the beach?? Well, thing is, soba noodles are actually served cold, and they are very refreshing on a hot day! In the cold winter, they are served hot.

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  1. Why, why, WHY DID I NOT HEED YOUR WARNING?! My stomach has been sufficiently teased into growling. Oh, whyyyyyyy~
    ^-^ This is a pretty nice reference, thanks for all the (torturous) info!

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