Azabu-Juuban – Here and Now!

As promised (about a year ago…), here are selected photos from my trip to Japan I made few months ago. Once in Tokyo, I grabbed my copy of Warriors of Legend and went to seek out all the Sailor Moon related locations. I was lucky to catch the Sakura trees in full bloom, but many of the places I visited were under renovations… -_-

I’ll probably catch them on my next trip to Japan. ^^

Click to see the full size of the photo, plus my comments. Enjoy! ^^

Also, all the photos here were taken by me. Please do not use them without permission!!

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6 thoughts on “Azabu-Juuban – Here and Now!

  1. Amazing! *____* OMG… I’m speechless… Wow, really cool!

    I working on a similar project. Is it okay, if I take pics from here? I would link back to your site. ^.^

    1. Wow, I didn’t know you’re there Brad!!
      What a miss! >_<

      (But these photos are like, a year old, so maybe there's a chance you weren't there at that time…?)

      I'm really curious though, did I get the Osa-P building right…? ^^;;

  2. Hola


    is possible to use the starlight Tower Photograph taken by you, for a note of places to

    regards :)

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