Star-Dusting is mainly a screenshot gallery for the Sailor Moon anime series. Apart from the screenshots, there will be more resources for the usage of SM fans, like icons, game sprites and stuff like that. When I’ll have the time to finish them, I will also upload some article I’ve been working on…
This is a non-profit website and all of its content can be used freely, but please follow my policy.


I’m Noa, an otaku who’s extremely obsessed with everything Sailor Moon. Naturally I’m a geek and very proud of it too. I love reading manga and comic books, collect action figures and enjoy listening to Jpop and opera. I work as a graphic designer and currently studying for a BA in East Asian Studies and the History of Art (and apart from the boring stuff, I’m enjoying every moment of it ^^).


Why did I build a website for Sailor Moon screenshots?
That’s easy! Sailor Moon has always been my favorite anime series ever. Yes, I know that it has been 13 years since the last episode was aired, and I know that there are much better anime series today, it’s just that Sailor Moon has always had something legendary and magical about it. It was also the first anime (and manga) that I was introduced to, and that alone made me love the wonderful world of anime and manga. Not to mention that by watching it, I learned to speak 3 languages: Turkish, German and Japanese (Sailor Moon was never broadcasted in my country, so I had to watch it on foreign channels. It was fun though… ^^).

I still haven’t seen all of the 200 episodes, but have seen the final episode. When I saw it, it felt like a part of me had died, and I was really sad it was all over. Now, I don’t know how many SM fans are still out there, but I’m guessing that a lot, and as long as there are many fans, there will be many websites dedicated to SM and it will live on. So, a Sailor Moon gallery, is another great way to perpetuate this wonderful show. ^^

Okay, so a gallery for SM it is, but why screenshots?
For years over years I’ve been searching the web trying to find good SM screenshots, and there were almost none. So I’ve decided I’ll make some on my own. Why screenshots? Why can’t I be satisfied with just the regular pictures? Because I’m always drawing the characters of Sailor Moon and I’m always looking for unusual poses to be “models” for my drawings. Plus, I used to collect the special pics from unique galleries, but I figured that no matter how special a pic is, the fact that it’s already displayed on another website makes it less special. From there, the decision to build a screenshot gallery was very easy.

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