Happy Birthday Star Dusting!


I can’t believe it either, but today, Star Dusting celebrates its 15th anniversary! ^^

From the small “Silver Moon Image Gallery” the website has grown and expended over the years, changed its looks so many times (you can read more about it here) and it’s just so bizarre to think it has been 15 years since I first started this project…

So, I’d like to thank my affiliates, who stood by me and supported me all through the years, and to all of you for coming and visiting, reminding me exactly why this is all worth it!

Thank you all!

The New Sailor Moon Crystal is here!



Hi guys!

So, did you get to watch the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal today as well?

I sure did. Gathered around all my friends for emotional support (that I knew I’d need to watch this), sat around in front of the TV screen and watched as Sailor Moon comes alive again after 25 years in slumber.

And I actually wasn’t disappointed at all. I think this remake is going to tell the story much more closely to the manga, and as the storyteller, Takeuchi sensei, has meant to tell it. We actually sat with volume 1 of the manga in our hands and saw how the episode represent the first chapter almost frame by frame (so if every episode is one chapter of the manga, I presume it means there’s going to be 52 episodes, right…?)

Not to mention the art and character design are very very good and colourful, and as Hulu automatically played the first episode of the original series afterwards,  I regret to say, they look much better than the original (please don’t hate me).

I’m comparing it of course to the first episode of the first season. The Sailor Moon art and character design has evolved throughout the series until it had reached perfection (in my eyes) in the later two seasons (and some episodes of the third, directed by the genius Ikuko Ito), so the comparison isn’t very fair…

I did find the remake missing alot from the original, for example the terrible Jpop opening and ending song (cus’ nothing can replace Moonlight Denesetsu), the transformation sequence, and the “funniness” of the original, but overall, I did enjoy watching it, and I think it will be even better.

And I hope you enjoyed it too. ^^

Hi Everyone!

You may notice things are a bit of a mess right now, and that’s because I’ve decided to update everything, including setting a new theme and way more new stuff!!

This is very exiting, but, it also means the site is will be down for some time until I have everything in order, and that includes the galleries as well, I’m afraid.

So, gomen, everyone, and come back to visit soon to see what’s up!

Happy Pocky Day Everyone!

chunky strawberry PockyHi guys! Happy Pocky Day!

Yeah, I didn’t know such a day exists too, but it does, and it’s today! ^^

However, the really important news is that today was the day I finally saw all of Sailor Moon’s 200 episodes!


It took me about 13 years to do so, but I finally found the courage today, sitting next to a friend. Why courage? Because once you’ve seen it all – what is there to look forward to, right?

That thought made me dread the day I will finish watching the series, and maybe lose my love for Sailor Moon a bit. I never wanted to lose my love for Sailor Moon, so I kept on prosponeing the day.

But now that it had finally happened, instead of losing my Sailor Moon fanaticism, I think watching the last episodes has actually given me the urge to do more Sailor Moon related stuff. So I am currently stepping up with adding more caps, translating more of the manga and drawing more SM illustrations! (right now I’m working on an illustration with all of the first season villains in it, and with my newly arrived Bamboo it’s really fun to draw…)

I can also finally understand why people dig the Sailor Starlights so much. They are pretty awesome, and Seiya is really cool. I think that now I have watched the series to its whole, know a-l-l the characters, familiar with all the background music and such, and I feel really good about it . It feels like I was hit by Sailor Moon’s Moon-Stick and I’m about to lift my arms up and yell “Refresh!” ^^

(and not to mention that now I can freely read Chibi Jennifer’s strips, without the fear of possible spoilers… ^^;; )

A huge thanks goes to my friend Becca, who watched the entire series with me and shared with me the magical moment! ^^

So, after this all heart-spilling, here’s what I have for you today:

New galleries:

Updated galleries:

Much more is coming soon.

My Long Awaited Return to Post!

Yes guys, after almost a year with no updates I’m finally able to return working on the website and add new stuff. Yey!

The reson for my prolonged absence was school, that just took so much of my time to do anything, but now I finally finished my degree (Yeah!! I’m a BOA now!! ^^ ) and can actually start living again. So, I must apologies for all of you who emailed me and commented and didn’t get any answer… Now you know I wasn’t simply ignoring you… ^^;; I also added some of your requests, so check out the requested caps page.

And for other news, last month Star-Dusting has turned 12!!

(see? I didn’t even had time to celebrate that)

Wow. 12 years! I really can’t believe it has been up for so long… I would really like to thank you everybody, for visiting and commenting, and making me feel I’m contributing to the Sailor Moon community!

So, without further adu, let’s see what I got for you today.

New pages:

New galleries:

Updated Galleries: